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If you’re in charge of organising a company team building event, office Christmas party, or even a hospitality event for your customers or clients, corporate driving days are a great way for small, medium, and large groups to let their hair down and have fun, while encouraging friendly competition at the same time.

Corporate karting events are equally good at breaking the ice if your group includes individuals who’ve only just met, and they’re also excellent for helping encourage team-working and problem-solving when you choose to drive in teams. is your go-to website for finding the most exciting corporate go kart venues across the UK and Ireland. In fact, we think it’s safe to say that your company will be positively spoilt for choice so, whether your group is based in one location or your employees and clients are distributed all across the UK, there’s a conveniently-situated track in our directory where you can enjoy a variety of corporate days out.

Corporate driving days for special occasions

If your staff are getting sick of the same old, boring annual Christmas meal or they’ve grown out of enjoying weekly drinks at the local pub, a corporate go karting day is one sure-fire way to put the sparkle back in their eyes. There are all kinds of corporate karting events to choose from, depending on what you’re hoping to get out of your day. For example, if your group is particularly competitive, a Grand Prix Race is sure to determine the men from the boys (and the women from the girls, of course). Each driver takes part in a series of qualifying heats, picking up points each time they achieve a top position. Whichever individuals have accumulated the most points by the end of all the heats will go on to battle it out on the track in the nail-biting grand final.

Take on the boss

For really enjoyable corporate events, we can highly recommend team racing. Ultimately, you get to choose who goes into which team; however, one of the best-received events are those where employees are pitched against managers as it can help to break any boundaries or pre-conceptions your workforce may have when they watch Dave from Accounting overtake Mark the MD to snatch pole position from his nose.

To get in touch with a karting venue in your preferred area for more information about corporate days, or to check availability, simply browse our directory and use the ‘contact venue’ button to get the engine started on your upcoming team event.