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If you’ve heard of the term “cadet karting”, and are wondering exactly what it entails, it’s an excellent way to help your child learn how to start karting in a safe and controlled environment. However, it will also help them have limitless fun, and there are dozens of junior kart school venues that they can attend throughout the UK and Ireland.

Depending on the age of your child, he or she will be able to enrol in a junior cadet course that’s suitable for their age group and ability. Many of the cadet karting venues you’ll find in our directory offer fun and motivating courses for children aged from 6 up to 17, where they will be able to thrive under expert instruction as they continually improve on their cadet class karting skills.

Younger children are often required to begin their go kart experience via a junior karting school, and once they’ve completed their initial course, they will then be able to become a fully-blown member and thus part in member-only events.

If you’re planning a children’s party or birthday gift, a junior cadet course can also help kids learn the basics and improve their existing performance with a series of fun sessions that will take them from 0 to 60 as they fast-track their way through the thrilling world of karting. Some of the sessions include techniques like overtaking, braking, and cornering, while others cover kart safety.

Where can I find my nearest junior karting school? can quickly and easily help you locate your nearest junior kart school. Simply click on the relevant regional area of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales that suits you best, or select one of the popular location links on our homepage.

Will my child need to have their own equipment?

No. While your child may wish to purchase their own equipment, such as a personalised helmet, at some point in time, the majority of the kart centres in our directory provide everything they will need in order to be able to start their training. As well as a safety suit and helmet, they will be allocated a go kart that is suitable to their age and experience level.

Start your kart!

If you have any further questions which you feel have not been answered, please feel free to get in contact with us or, alternatively make an enquiry with your chosen venue. Otherwise, start your child’s cadet class karting adventure today!

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